Beige living room with green carpet, hardwood floor and fireplace. View of the back yard.

Home staging is simply the preparation done to house mostly decorating to promote the house and increase its appeal to the buyers. It allows the House to speak to the buyer. When selling your home, you must make it appealing to the buyer and not sell it as you love it. Professionals who are great at staging know the trends and the different tastes in the current market. This helps you to set up your home in the right way and more to the buyers’ taste. With the right staging, 81% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as a future home. This according to the Realtors’ report is 45% more likely to positively influence the value of your home if it is decorated to a buyer’s taste. On the other hand, when the staging is not done to the buyer’s taste it will negatively influence the value of the home.

So, which areas of a house need to be staged? Naturally, it would be very time consuming and probably expensive to stage the entire home. On the other hand, these seven areas of your home should undergo the staging process if you are looking to sell your house fast and at a very good price. Below are the seven areas of your home you should stage and why it is advised that you do so.

  1. Living Room

The living room is probably the one part of the house that unites the whole family. It is a room where laughter and quality family time is spent amongst all the family members. Therefore, prospective buyers need to be sure that it is spacious and big enough to entertain guests, they also need to be sure that it feels bright and can find a nice spot where they can watch television for entertainment.

A room full of accessories can feel cramped even if it is spacious and likewise an empty living room can be difficult to envision. The idea here is to give the buyer something to work with in their mind. A few light bulbs that are not very bright nor dim, as well as subtle but beautiful accessories like a flower vase, beautiful window drapes and some flowers for the aesthetics, can make the living room looking a lot better. Remember to clean all the surfaces too.

  1. Kitchen

Contrary to what many people may believe, staging a kitchen is also very important. You want to convince the buyer that they will enjoy making meals there. For starters, make sure the kitchen is free from clutter and unnecessary utensils. However, you can leave the coffee maker, toaster and a beautiful fruit bowl on the counter. Remember, the kitchen drawers and sink should be absolutely clean and sparkling too.

  1. Master Bedroom

You want to project this feel of the master’s bedroom being a haven for relaxation and leisure. Therefore, ensure it is as clutter free as possible. Wardrobes should be empty and hangers should be nicely placed. In addition, the bed should be neatly made with a bright colored bedspread and the pillows should be well tucked and placed. Also, ensure the night lamp is on and you could place a few books just beside the bed, but nothing too much. Again, ensure that the room is spacious and comfortable to walk around in. Conversely, if the room has a study area, you can go ahead and neatly arrange books and a reading lamp there too.

  1. Dining Room

The dining room is another great place in a house where meals are served and the family can all gather around and eat.  Thus, the dining area should feel spacious and bright. So, if the paintings are dark colored, it would be nice to have a bright colored table cloth and a beautiful flower with bright colors too. Also, you want to be sure that the dining table and chairs are just the perfect fit for the room, you don’t want a big table for a small dining area and vice versa. Similarly, keep it clean, spacious and neatly arranged.

  1. Bathroom

The key to a beautiful bathroom always lies in its neatness. A sparkling clean bathroom, no matter how simple will always draw praise. Remove stains and grime until you attain a gleam. Remove personal items from all surfaces and consider painting or replacing where either is suitable. It you go for sink replacement pick a pedestal to maximize space.

Children’s Room

You should try to keep the children’s room as clutter free and neat as possible, ensure that the room is not too crammed up so that the buyers can envision how best to use the space. However, endeavor to use bright colors in the children’s room, the window drapes should be bright, the room should be painted with a bright color, ensure that there are not too many items lying around the floor and that the drawers and cupboards are working just fine.

  1. Guest Room

The guest room should be kept clean, neat and well arranged. The bed should not be too small, and the bed sheets should be neatly made. Also, ensure that the wardrobes are neatly and well arranged. Furthermore, be sure that the guest room is kept simple and spacious, this room does not need any sort or form or personalization.

Staging a home is one of the proven and oldest techniques that have been used in the real estate industry to make a house look more appealing to entice buyers to buy at a favorable price. Below are seven good reasons why you should strongly consider staging your property before you place it on the real estate market.

  • A staged property always looks better than other properties in the market
  • A staged property typically sells faster than other properties
  • When you stage a house, it looks much better when you place it on the internet, buyers are instantly attracted to it.
  • A staged property naturally attracts more viewers and clicks on the internet. Moreover, people are attracted to beautiful things after all.
  • A staged property is often appraised at a higher value.
  • A staged property leaves a very good first impression on the buyer. You know what they say, first impressions usually lasts long.
  • Finally, a staged property will always end up on the buyers must see list.

Don’t forget the house curb appeal. The buyer’s first impression of the property starts before they enter the house. The positive vibes from the beginning will evoke an emotional response.  As we all know buyers select the house emotionally and then justify it logically.


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