Mountain House Single Family Homes with Caseta/ In-Law Unit


Great opportunity to buy a Single Family home in Mountain House Ca, People are choosing this option to rent the casita/In-law unit to reduce the monthly mortgage payment. The demand is high, and the waiting list is growing.

One of my clients purchased single family with Caseta/ In-Law Unit to offset over $10,000 annual property tax with income from Caseta/ In-Law Unit. Therefore, reducing the overall monthly mortgage payment.

The Caseta/ In-Law is an independent attached unit with private entry, kitchen/living, laundry, full bath, and bedroom. The caseta comes with separate home address.

Get $5,000 buyer’s rebate on new construction. Call 925-528-9093 for details. First time home buyers are welcome; my mortgage partners have great first time home buying programs.



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