Homes for Sale in Mountain House, CA

Welcome Buyers! Are you looking for homes for sale in Mountain House, CA?

How exciting it is to follow the American Dream, owning your own house so you can make it home. Whether it is your primary residence or investment property the decision is big. Having a professional REALTOR like myself guiding you along the way will make this journey enjoyable and financially rewarding. I take great pride to help buyers make the right decision based on sound criteria which I’ll work with you to narrow down during our first appointment. Having knowledge about the local area and Real Estate market is a great plus. My kids attended San Ramon and Mountain House phenomenal schools. Having roots in the local community helps when buying or selling real estate. I will share the insights and tricks of the trade on how to stretch your hard-earned dollars by using a creative way of buying real estate. There is always a way to bootstrap the deal when it comes to funding.

When buying new construction homes the best approach is to let me help you schedule a model home tour with builder on your first visit. Don’t register without REALTOR representing you with the builder. Very few REALTORs know how to buy a property using 401k/IRA money. I purchased an investment property using IRA and know the ins and outs of what the IRS allows, what to do, and what not to do. Call me for more information. I’m a real estate investor myself; I know the value of having a good relationship with local REALTORs and other resources to help my clients get the best deal when the time comes for negotiation.

You may have heard the saying in real estate you don’t make money when you sell the house you make money when you buy the house. As a real estate investor, I share my knowledge and experience to provide the best deals for my clients. I’ve created a high-level step by step visual flow for buyers to understand what the expectation during the entire process is from start to finish.

If you’ve read so far, you qualified as a serious buyer, so let’s take the next step together. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Mountain House, CA, or any of the surrounding areas, reach out to me. Call 925-528-9093 or send an email at