Tracy, California, nestled in the San Joaquin Valley, blends urban amenities with suburban calm. Home to around 95,000 residents, it sits 60 miles from San Francisco and 50 miles from San Jose.

Key transportation links run through Tracy, providing easy access. It’s about 65 miles from San Francisco International Airport, 55 miles from San Jose International Airport, and just 45 miles from Oakland International Airport. Highways like Interstate 205, Interstate 5, and Highway 580 intersect here, offering seamless connectivity to the wider Bay Area.

Attractively priced housing, a median home price of $600,000 in early 2023, and approximate property tax rate of 1.1% + Melrose a new home buyers can expect. Tracy’s downtown combines historical charm and contemporary living, highlighted by the iconic Grand Theatre. Numerous city parks and nearby Yosemite National Park are treats for nature lovers.

The climate is comfortably varied, with mild winters and warm, dry summers. The city also enjoys over 260 sunny days annually. Shopping options range from big retailers like Home Depot and Target to the upscale West Valley Mall and the locally loved Farmer’s Market.

Tracy’s city planning includes continual improvements and additions to local amenities. While there isn’t a large-scale aquatic park underway as of now, the city continually assesses community needs, and future developments may include such facilities.

The ACE commuter train also stops in tracy to connect the central valley to San Jose.

In essence, Tracy offers prospective homeowners a community-focused, well-connected, and affordable option with the potential for future growth and development.