Man showing solar panels technology to student girl

The solar energy is good for the environment as renewable energy is the future. The new home buyers just have to mentally prepare for the additional expense.  My client recently purchased a new home in Cortes village. Mountain House Ca. The builder has made it mandatory to either buy or lease the solar panels at the time of signing the contract.

The buyers have two options either to buy the solar system and roll into the mortgage or lease it. Either way, it will be an additional monthly cost to consider. Of course, solar panels will reduce your electric bill significantly. The savings should offset your monthly cost you’ll pay for either leasing or purchasing the solar system.

As I’m looking out for buyers interest, It will be nice if all the builders make this fact known to buyers ahead of time, so buyers are mentally prepared since this is a new mandate. At the time of writing this blog, Richmond American homes are not allowing the buyers to go out to the market and shop for the best price. They are making it mandatory to use the solar company they have handpicked which could be more expensive.

As a buyer, you may want to discuss upfront with the builder what are your options. You’ll be in better position to negotiate with the builder vs. when you discuss this while signing the contract. Buyer beware!

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