Putting your home for sale is an overwhelming prospect any day, let alone selling it fast. Wondering How to sell your house fast? HomesByPasha, a known name among the leading Realtors in Mountain House has the answer. It is known to sell a house quickly, you need to set the right price, show it well to prospective buyers and market it like there is no tomorrow.

Check out these simple 11 steps to put a SOLD sign faster outside your house.

1- Curb appeal is everything

The first impression plays a great role when it comes to buying a home.  Home exterior is the first thing a prospective buyer would see irrespective of whether he/she sees it in person or on a listing website. An opinion is formed the moment a buyer spots the house, drives into the driveway and walks up to the front door.

How to enhance the curb appeal?

  • Clean up your yard, ensure landscaping is well-groomed and lawns are mowed
  • Make sure exterior porches, walls, walkways and driveway are clean
  • Paint your house and replace the mailbox -if required
  • Pressure-wash your house exterior
  • Get the doorknob and kick-plate polished
  • Planting flowers near the entryway could do wonders in terms of making the house more inviting

2 – Declutter your house

Once you are sorted with the home exterior, clean and declutter the entire house. Fewer the things in the house the bigger it will look, so get rid of all the excess furniture and stuff you do not need.

  • Instead of overstuffing your closets, you can use a storage unit to store the items that you don’t use every day. This is important because a prospective buyer will surely check out the closets and storage spaces and overfilled closets are only indicative that your house is lacking.

3 – Do not Forget to Depersonalize

Take down your personal photographs, posters, religious items as this would help the buyer to envision his family in your house. Also, do not forget to replace bright wall paint with beige or off-white colour.

  • Transform your house into a blank canvas wherein the buyer can paint his own dream home.

4 – Small Upgrades are Better

Rather than splurging huge money on the complete makeover of your house make small upgrades. It may include:

  • Changing sink and cabinet hardware in the kitchen,
  • Upgrading to new light fixtures
  • Replacing old shower curtains and towels in the bathroom

5 – Stage your House for Quality Pictures

Hiring a professional home stager is a smart move as they would look at your home from a buyer’s viewpoint. A home stager has the expertise to highlight the strengths and soften the faults of your house.

6 – The Listing Needs Good Photos

A prospective homebuyer will first search online and decide which homes to see based on the photos. This is reason enough for you to ensure that the listing has good photos of your house.

  • Buyers are twice as likely to view a home listing with more than six photos.

7 – Get in Touch with a Realtor

Once you have decided to utilize the services of a real estate agent, make sure you are choosing the best professionals. Not only will they make the sale easier but also help you understand the state laws concerning the sale of real estate.


  • A good track record in terms of selling houses
  • Familiar with the positives and negatives of your neighbourhood
  • Should be able to tell you what buyers will love and hate in your house
  • Make sure your realtor promotes property online including social media
  • Check online client reviews of the realtor you are considering
  • In case you are planning to sell your home, get in touch with realtors like Shaheen Pasha, who offer the Best Real Estate Services in Mountain House and other parts of East Bay.

8 – Set the Price Right

Overpricing a house is the biggest mistake a seller could make. Asking unreasonably high price will keep away genuine buyers. Taking into consideration the average sale price of similar properties in the neighbourhood over the last few months will help you determine the price of your house. You could also get price comparison from realtor.com.

  • Price your home as per the present market conditions and the actual worth and not the amount you want to sell. 

9 – Share Information About your Neighborhood

Do not forget to add information about your neighbourhood in the listing. Include details about the good restaurants, recreational centres, schools, hospitals, etc. near you.

  • Not just market your home but also share about the vibrant neighbourhood.

10 – Keep the Documents Ready

Below is a list of documents that you should keep handy:

  • Original sale deed or conveyance deed
  • Allotment letter, sale agreement and possession letter ( If you bought the house from a builder)
  • Encumbrance certificate or the loan clearance certificate( If you borrowed money from a financial organization to buy the house)
  • Keep a copy of the loan statement and other relevant documents handy

11 – Do not Forget to Market your Home

Even though it is part of an agent’s job still just cross-check that your house is listed on all major real estate portals. You can also use social media to get the word out about your plan to sell.

At HomesByPasha, Shaheen Pasha an experienced and professional real estate consultant and advisor ensures hassle free sale of your house. She is known to deliver the best experience and services to her clients over the years. Fulfilling the client’s need is her priority


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